Mini-Matchbox Creations (“They’re striking!”)

In 2007 I started making interactive mini-matchbox sculptures, which are great fun to engineer and play with.  Then, wanting to display my sculpture on walls, I began a series of  mini-dioramas.  Construction still begins with a mini-matchbox drawer because I like them. Intrigued by this attraction, I followed a hunch and discovered that the proportions of the lowly mini-matchbox are a golden rectangle.  This adds a suspect profundity to my work.

I usually start with a title — specifically one that makes me chuckle. I develop the concept from there, with detailed drawings and a rough prototype.  Both the interactive sculptures and mini-dioramas are mixed media, often including “miniaturized” photos and/or art.  My main tools include a magnifying lamp, Zip Dry glue, and lots of toothpicks.

C Lill AhrensC. Lill Ahrens is a published humor writer and cartoonist whose playful sculptures, drawings, paintings and photos have appeared in juried, invitational and open exhibitions in Oregon for the past twenty years, garnering awards including first place and best of show. She has been selling prints of her 2D work since 1995, and her sculptures since 2007.  She accepts commissions for personalized Mini-Matchbox Creations (“They’re striking!”).